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Europe offers many options for the honeymoon, from romantic Paris to the beauty of Switzerland, the history of Rome to the wine fields of Tuscany. This honeymoon choice offers memories to be shared and saved for a lifetime.

There are many options for a European honeymoon; different countries by land, air or River Cruise, the choices are unlimited. This honeymoon is one that needs to be enjoyed over a week at least!

So many choices, all deserving for a unbelievable honeymoon, how do you decide? Here are some of our favorites are:

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is probably the most idyllic stretch of coastline in the Mediterranean, with its cozy towns nestled on rugged cliffs above crystal-blue water. Your options are practically limitless on a trip to the region, whether you decide to take a day trip to Pompeii or Naples, or hop on a hydrofoil to the exquisite Isle of Capri.

Paris, the City of Light is a sensory wonderland: world-renowned boutiques, cozy street-side cafes, aromatic bistros, grand avenues, jazz clubs, galleries and museums collectively cast a spell on this enchanting city. A must-visit destination for romantics and artists alike, Paris is full of urban parks and gardens, and the beautiful Seine River runs right through its heart.

London, a city with charm, world-class shopping and must-see museums is a honeymoon to consider.. England is a relatively quick flight over the Atlantic if you’re on the east coast, so you won’t spend too much time traveling, and London’s architecture, parks, and pubs all add to the city’s romance and allure.

Rome, with stunning art and monuments everywhere you look, and life-changing meals waiting to be eaten around every corner, is a great honeymoon chose. The city is nirvana for art lovers and history buffs, though if you skipped those classes in college it’s the perfect place to get a crash course in Western civilization. Rome contains as many perfect backdrops for romance as it does churches and ancient ruins. Think: centuries-old piazzas you can amble through at sunset, charming cafes filled with tables for two, and the Spanish Steps, one of the landmarks on which Gregory Peck wooed Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. All this means it’s a perfect destination for couples.

Barcelona, the proud capital of the “nation” of Catalonia, has a quirky blend of timeless elegance and innovative spirit. Vast museums and celebrated structures find their homes among lively markets and outdoor cafes, and experiments in art and fashion are apparent in the laid-back bar and lounge scene, which moves out to the beaches and rooftops in summer months. There’s sand, sangria and plenty to do in this super-cultural locale.

Santorini is where you will find pure bliss on this island of whitewashed, cliff side houses and blue-roofed churches. Located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of mainland Greece, Santorini is a small, circular group of volcanic islands (also called Thera). A lagoon runs through its middle and it’s surrounded by stunning, steep cliffs on three sides and the Mediterranean Sea. Its natural beauty doesn’t end there. Explore the island and you’ll find tantalizing menus full of fish, miles of dark sand and pebbled beaches, and small domed churches from years gone by.

Many more destinations await you in Europe. The possibilities and choices are limitless.