Wedding Destination, you know you want one, how do you decide?

Wedding destination? Think about want is important to you. Does it fit in your budget, is it easy to get to and is it affordable for your guests? Once you decide what is important, you will be able to narrow it down to a few options.

Research what the site offers.
Destinations can vary greatly in geography, culture and amenities.  Every destination is unique.   What is the weather? If you want an island, when is the rainy season? You have dreamed of your wedding in Europe, what is availability? Does the location offer enough lodging?  Read through reviews to get the feel of the destination.

Think of your guests.
Make sure that the travel time and flight costs will be appeasing to your guests.  You want them to come, right?  Is your destination wedding for adults only or are children invited too?  Are there all inclusive resorts?  The price for a guest may be easier to swallow if they know food and drink it included.  Can you get a group rate to ease the expense for your guests.  Remember, this may be many of your guests vacations too.

Consider your numbers.
Does the destination have enough rooms for your guests? Many sites require you to have a certain number of guests to book the space; if you don’t have enough, you could end up paying for meals or rooms for guests who are no-shows. Keep in mind that some resort will add hotel taxes and resort fees that can add 20 percent to the room cost. You wan to factor in all the costs when you’re determining affordability.

If you can, go for a test drive.
The cost is well worth the peace of mind you’ll feel after seeing the resort or destination  in person and seeing how the site works. Sandals offers a Test Drive, go for two days.  Experience the resort and what it has to offer.  If you choose one of their beautiful locations, the cost of the is credited to the price of the wedding.  Groups of more than 10 rooms?  The amenities offered are amazing.

Know the marriage rules.
If there are residency requirements or paperwork needs you can’t fulfill, consider having a legal union at home and a symbolic ceremony at the site.

Remember the currency exchange rates.
As the dollar’s value fluctuates, so does the cost of your wedding. A destination wedding in Europe can tack on an extra 10 percent or more, while South America may be a bargain.

What’s included in the package price.
Some resorts include just the location fee, and you’ll pay extra for flowers and food; others will include decor and even photography in their price.

Find out what happens if your guests stay off-site.
Some resorts require a day fee for visiting guests from other hotels.

You need to take all the above into consideration before making your decision.  Our advise to you is research, research, research.  Brides Travel can help!  We have been to many of the destinations you may consider.  Let us know what you are thinking and we will give you options to consider for your dream destination wedding.