Wedding Planning? Your head maybe swimming with costs, venues, guest lists and menu options.  Slow down and take a deep breath.  A destination wedding maybe the solution to your stress and overwhelm.


Wedding planning can be a shock to your wallet and pocket book. The average wedding in the United States is $27,000. This is for one magical night that you may or may not remember.  All of the countless hours will go by in a flash.  Yes, your guests will have a great time. Yes, the decor will be beautiful. But, will YOU remember that 5 hour party that was your wedding?

With the average cost of a wedding in the United States being close to $27,000, by choosing a destination wedding, your cost maybe just the plane tickets to the destination.  You can have your dream wedding in a tropical and romantic destination, your guests will have an awesome vacation and you start your honeymoon immediately! That 5 hours would be 7-10 days full of memories.

Choose a Sandals resort for example, your wedding and honeymoon, depending on the number of guests, your costs could be next to nothing.  Sandals offers a free wedding with a minimum of a three night stay and depending on the time of year and number of guests, your pre-celebration dinner, reception and yes, even your honeymoon, could be complimentary.



Searching for the perfect venue at home can be overwhelming.  What is included? Is my date available? Can I use the vendors I want? The list goes on and on.  Do you choose the venue down the road from your house where everyone before you has gotten married? Struggling to figure out how you can make it unique so it doesn’t feel like the wedding you went to 6 months ago can be a challenge.

How does a white sandy beach with swaying palm trees or a beautiful tropical garden sound? No draping the walls, searching for decor or even fighting with the valet over guest parking. The beauty of the destination is the decor and parking is not an issue.

Guest List

A Destination wedding, beyond simply offering an exotic locale in which to say “I do,” has a few other perks, too. If you’re craving an intimate celebration but don’t know how to cut off the guest list, a destination wedding shortens it naturally. Invite the people you want to have with you on your wedding day…rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t have them over to dinner with you and your soon to be…should you invite them to your wedding?  This really will narrow the list down.

If there are people that you feel must be there but cannot afford it, you may consider footing the bill.  This should be included in your budget.  You will appreciate the time you can spend with them instead of only remembering them in a blur at your hometown wedding.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful regardless if you are at home or on a beach.  However, on a beach with your closest friends with cocktails in hand and a few days vs. a few hours.  A destination wedding maybe the simplest decision to make in the wedding planning process.

Let us help you plan the perfect destination wedding and honeymoon.  How services are always complimentary. You save and we take the stress and overwhelm out of your planning! Start Now.