Worried about taking your wedding dress to your destination wedding? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are dress packing tips to make sure your dress is in fine form for your walk down the aisle or beach!

The Dress. Slim line and fluid dresses, perfect for a destination wedding, are the easiest to transport. Reconsider that ball gown you may have been dreaming about, tulle and crinoline can be risky!

Packing the dress. First things first, ask your bridal salon if they pack dresses for transport. If so, have them do it! If not, put cardboard in the bodice of the dress (the salon may have this) and then layer the dress with tissue paper. Make sure the tissue paper is covering any embellishments as not to snag the fabric of the dress. Then carefully place the dress in a secure garment bag. Do not just put a plastic dress bag over the dress!
Before you get to the destination. Check the hotel amenities. Make sure they have someone on property or close by that can steam or press if needed. If not, no worries, you may be bringing your own steamer.

Carry-on. Things happen! Lost luggage, damaged luggage or far worse, the dress did not get on the plane. Always have your dress with you. Airlines do have garment closets to hang the dress. Tell your flight crew that you have your wedding dress. They will know what to do. Be prepared, you will probably have to tell them all about your wedding plans. Everyone loves a wedding!