Planning a honeymoon or a destination wedding can be difficult. Where to go? What to do? Where to stay? How to pack? What about my guests rooms? You may need a travel agent.

Although not everyone needs to book their honeymoon through a travel agent, but the advantages of using a travel agent to plan your honeymoon or destination wedding, go well beyond the suitcase.

Agent Advantages

Well, a travel agent might not be able to make a packing list for you, though most of them are well-traveled and can offer a few tips.  Start with your destination — where do you want to go? You might have some ideas, like a resort in the Caribbean or a historic city in Europe. But which Caribbean island is best for you? What European city has the vibe you’re aching for? A travel agent can tell you that if you  are hoping to book at an all-inclusive resort, avoid Anguilla, Bermuda or the Cayman islands, all of which lack this budget-friendly lodging option. And while Paris and Rome seem natural for honeymooners, a travel agent  can  clue  you  in  on  the  lesser-known  romantic  locales,  such  as Prague or Lisbon.

After  you’ve  made  specific  decisions,  a  travel  agent  can  help  you secure upgrades and, in some cases, save money. They have connections to travel companies, including car rental agencies, resorts, cruises and more,  that  can  help  you  get  deals  that  you  wouldn’t  be  able  to  snag on your own. If nothing else, travel agents are able to package things together to make it easier to pay for your vacation. For example, airlines typically require you to pay for your flights up-front, but a travel agent can package the cost of the resort and flights together and allow you to  make  interest-free  payments  until  one  to  two  months  before  you actually depart.

Finally, a travel agent can be invaluable once you’re finally on your honeymoon. If your flight plans go awry — such as if you’re bumped from a flight and will miss your connection — your travel agent will take care of the logistics while you’re enjoying a glass of wine at the airport bar.

Finding the right one

Not all travel agents will be the right one for you. It’s not a regulated industry,  so  finding  an  agent  that  is  experienced,  well-traveled  and credentialed makes all the difference. Ask around to see if a friend used a travel agent for recent vacations that they would recommend — word of mouth is the best advertising for an agency. Many travel agents specialize in specific parts of the globe — choose one that’s an expert in your country or region of choice. They’re more likely to have stronger connections with local companies, as well as a personal knowledge database to offer tips and ideas for local travel.

Working together

The relationship between a travel agent and client must work two ways. Before sending a travel agent on a wild goose chase for price quotes on hotels or flights to a variety of locales, have some sort of idea of what type of vacation you want. It might be nothing more than the notion that you want a beachfront, tropical resort with a flight time of less than four hours from your hometown; however, that will help the agent quickly narrow down your options.

In addition, know what your budget is and make it clear to the travel agent, as well as your priorities. if you’d rather be in the middle of a city with a smaller hotel room, tell your agent so she can find the perfect hotel  room  for  you.  if  you’re  dying  to  go  to  Paris,  France,  but  have  a budget  that’s  more  like  Paris,  Texas,  your  travel  agent  can  help  you reconcile the dream versus the finances.

Arm your agent with anything she needs to know, even if you think it’s relatively inconsequential. An agent should be in the know when it comes to your medical and nutritional needs, smoking preferences, whether you mind kids being around or prefer an adults-only location, and more. Throw all the information at her, and let her do with it as she will.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A travel agent is your main resource for preparing and enjoying your honeymoon, so if you want to know if the resort you booked has an elliptical machine in the gym, shoot her an email. While on vacation, make sure you get a phone number for after-hours emergencies — the last thing you want is to arrive at a resort late at night, find out your reservation has been lost and be unable to reach your biggest ally, your travel agent.

With the help of a travel agent, your honeymoon will be hassle-free —  just  what  you  need  after  the  excitement  and  exhaustion  of  your wedding day.

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