Check your purse or carry on bag to make sure you have everything you need- this is a travel requirement.

Why is this a travel requirement you may ask?  You know you have everything you need, pills, plane tickets, hotel itinerary and money.  You are not new to the rodeo. You pack as you get ready the day of the trip, in order to put everything in your suitcase, carry on and a purse – all the essentials you need. You are a travel expert.  You have packed down to a science.

You are excited to get the much needed cup of coffee on your layover.  Half way to your destination!  Half way to putting your toes in the sand!  “Large coffee, please” you tell the barista at the airport.  It is just want you need to get through the next flight.  “That will be $9.58 (I needed a croissant also)”.  As I reach into my purse, I am asking myself, where is my money?

I know where my money is!  I left it in the purse that I decided not to take.  My money is safely at home in my purse lying on my bed.  WOW!  No Cash!  No worries, I do have my credit card that I put with my passport and health insurance card,remember, I am a packing expert or so I thought.

I will be fine for this trip.  I am happy I will not have the high cash advance fees from my credit card.  Luckily, I will be at Sandals Barbados and Beaches Turks and Caicos for this adventure.  No cash needed!  No tipping excepted!

Yes, we all can be forgetful, but you can avoid your heart dropping to your stomach and the instant break out of sweat, by just checking your travel essentials one last time before you step out of your front door.  Also, remember to call your credit card company with your travel plans!