A Destination Wedding Timeline is crucial. The wedding planning process can be one of the most hectic and stressful times of your life. If you’re not sure when you should start planning your destination wedding or honeymoon, you can use this timeline as a guide to make planning easier. Plus, your Brides Travel can also help in providing advice and planning each step of your destination wedding or honeymoon.
9 -12 Months Before
  • Set a budget
To find the best deals, especially for tropical locations, plan your wedding during off-peak times such as September – mid December or the week after Easter through mid-May. Start researching hotels to host your wedding and/or honeymoon
6-9 Months Before
  • Find out the marriage requirements for your chosen destination.
  • Book your reservation including airfare and hotel with Brides Travel.
We strongly recommends purchasing All-In-One travel protection for complete peace of mind in case of the unexpected!
Things to think about when you book include seat assignments, special in-flight meals, checked luggage allowances, luggage fees, rental cars and excursions to do while you’re in the destination.
For brides, book your reservation under your maiden name because it will take about 3 weeks to get a copy of your marriage certificate. Plus, if you already own a passport, the name on your reservation must exactly match the name on your passport if you’re traveling internationally.
  • Send out “Save the Date” notifications to your guests with your wedding website address and online registry info.
  • Start planning the details of your wedding ceremony and reception with your hotel’s wedding coordinator.
3 Months Before
  • Obtain your Passports and/or visas if traveling internationally.


  • A government issued photo I.D. is required and must match the name on the reservation.
  • Visit for details or to apply for a passport.
If you don’t already own a passport, apply for your passport under your maiden name. Once you receive your marriage certificate, you can get a Passport Amendment/Validation Application. Go to the nearest passport agency and you will receive an updated passport in about three weeks. Married women traveling under any name other than what is printed on their documentation must supply a marriage license.
For travel to some countries, a visa may also be required. Please contact the local embassy for further information.
Find out if your destination requires any special blood tests or vaccinations and get those done if needed.
Finalize the itinerary for the wedding day along with any booking and confirming any activities for your guests such as golf, tours/excursions or spa services.
1 Month Before
  • Create a list of items for your trip.
  • Re-confirm all reservations.
  • Make accommodations for your pets (if needed).
  • Make sure you will have any prescriptions needed.
  • Contact your airline about luggage storage for your wedding dress or othergarments during the flight.
2 Weeks Before
  • Contact your cell phone provider to find out if your phone will work in the destination and if they charge fees for international calls.
  • Purchase calling cards or download an app to your Smartphone such as Skype if you’re not using your cell phone while in destination.
  • Exchange money (if needed).
1 Week Before
  • Hold your mail at the post office.
  • Photocopy your passport, travelers checks, and any other important paperwork. Give one set to a relative and put the other set in a safe deposit box.
  • Start thinking about what you need to pack, especially based on the weather forecast.
  • Research parking options for the airport and get directions.
  • Mail or email the wedding itinerary along with any special instructions to your guests.
Many hotels have dress code requirements for the wedding or reception venue, so make sure to check with the resort and pass along any information to your guests so they can plan accordingly.
3 Days Before
  • Confirm your international flight times.
  • Check the weather forecast.
  • Notify your credit card companies of your travel plans.
  • Go to your bank and get at least $50 in singles for tips and other incidentals.
1 Day Before
  • Confirm your domestic flight times.Print out your itinerary, directions and e-documents.
  • Pack your bags (make sure any liquids you’re carrying on the plane are in packaging less than 3.4 ounces and are packed in a separate,clear quart-size plastic bag).
  • Label your luggage with your name, address, and phone number.

Day of Departure

  •  Put your passport, airport and parking directions and e-documents in an easily accessible place like a purse or shoulder bag.
  • Arrive at the airport at least 2 ½ hours prior to departure.

On Arrival

  • Meet with your hotel wedding planner and confirm details for the big day.
  • Apply for a marriage license.
  • Check out the wedding ceremony and reception sites.
  • Make reservations for dinner restaurants for your guests if reservations are required.
  • Get a list of each wedding guest’s hotel room number.
  • Relax and have an amazing time!
Source: Vax Vacation Access