The Bahamas, take some 700 islands and a couple of thousand cays, sprinkle them across 90,000 square miles of ocean just off the Florida coast, and what you have is a sea-and-sun-lover’s paradise.

The Bahamas is comprised of 700 islands sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. The archipelago is an ecological oasis featuring 2,000 breathtaking islands and cays and boasts the clearest water on the planet—with a visibility of over 200 feet. You can see your toes as easily as you can the world’s third largest barrier reef.

One step and you’ll realize the Bahama’s beauty extends far beyond her extraordinary natural wonders. It’s the smiles on the faces of the Bahamian people. The unique sounds of her rich culture. The warm hospitality of her heritage and colorful history.

For those with a taste for the high-life, Nassau, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama offer the requisite luxury resorts, casinos, duty-free shopping and nightspots. But as tempting as staying put may be, the Bahamas were made for island hopping.

Honeymoons in The Bahamas offer couples experiences found nowhere else in the world. And with 700 tropical islands to explore, you don’t have to stay in one place. Spend one day on a remote island, the next in a bustling metropolis. This destination is perfect for the honeymoon couple who likes to lay back and enjoy the beautiful beaches, explore the islands, or shop to their hearts content.

The weather is perfect with winter lows averaging a comfortable 70 degrees. Summer highs with high humidity at around 80–90.

Getting there The two largest airports are Nassau International Airport and Grand Bahama International Airport. A few airlines fly directly to airports on the larger Islands, but the majority of flights arrive in Nassau or Freeport where passengers will connect to another flight before continuing to the Islands.