Costa Rica is an exhilarating land of luxuriant rain-forests and mighty volcanoes, of natural hot springs and shimmering oceans, of colonial charm and captivating nightlife.

Costa Rica offers an alternative to honeymooners wanting something different of what is offered by more traditional honeymoon destinations. Honeymooners can still enjoy the beach but also be immersed into “Jurassic Park”, full of adventure and discovery. Close to North America, this honeymoon destination is a bride and grooms choice for fun, excitement, romance, and beauty. This destination is ideal for a tighter budget.

Costa Rica is where people can easily find their own true bliss. Nature thrives in its pristine state, with more than 20 natural parks and eight biological reserves. Exploring these ecological wonders is an exhilarating delight for the senses. Watch as exotic birds take wing in all their multi-colored glory. Smell the scent of orchids growing wild in the lush and magnificent cloud forests. Hear the call of the howler monkey as it lazily swings across the verdant canopy.

For the adventuresome, there’s hiking around majestic Arenal volcano as it explodes in a regular fiery splendor. For the wildlife lover, there’s Tortuguero National Park, where the beguiling sea turtle slowly makes its way to the sea. And for the sporty, there are the shimmering blue waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean, where surfing, fishing and snorkeling will fill endless sun-drenched days.

The ultimate delight of Costa Rica is its people. Warm and gracious, they unveil a captivating culture of music, art, crafts and cuisine that will enchant, entertain and enliven you.

The mountains and plains on the Caribbean side have heavy rain September to February. Those on the Pacific side have little rainfall from December to April. Central and north Mexico have longer dry season though there is also a wet season. The rain usually falls in late afternoon for a short time. The wet season brings hot and humid climate which also determines the temperature which can range from 70 degrees to the upper 90’s.