Dunn’s River Island Routes Catamaran Cruise is the perfect way to experience this Jamaican must see.

This will be a full day of fun, sun and adventure.  Island Routes will make the most out of your excursion.  On your way to the Falls, you will stop for a short snorkeling trip.  Then it is back on the catamaran and to the Falls.

As you arrive, take in the beauty of Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s most magnificent natural treasures. You will led by expert guides who will have you join hands to form a human chain.  You then will wind your way up  the rocky slopes of the 600 foot waterfall.  You will be able to take memorable pictures with the foliage and beauty that lines the ascending falls which cascades down from the high mountains. Dunn’s River Falls will stay in your book of memories for a lifetime.

But the memories do not stop with Dunn’s River Falls, you will hop back on the  luxury catamaran and the DJ will spin a reggae soundtrack as the crew plays host serving up drinks, music, dancing and, of course their secret-ingredient signature cocktail are just a taste of what you will experience as you take in the panoramic views.

You should bring a change of clothes, towel, swimsuit, camera and sunscreen.

Sounds like fun, right?  We loved it when we went – amazing!  Contact us to schedule this awesome experience.


Source: Islandroutes.com