Traditionally it is the grooms responsibility to plan the perfect honeymoon that their new bride will love.

Grooms fight the urge to be go on the cheap. It should be amazing and unforgettable, this is the one time in your life that you’re going on a honeymoon, and . Remember Romance, Relaxation, Adventure, Paradise and Pleasure.  Research great locations, great tips, great places and decide where you should go to have the best time ever! As the groom this becomes your responsibility, and we want to remind you to:

  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Find a travel agent you trust! Make sure your flights all work and all your time lines and reservations are correct! There is nothing worse than planning to romance you new wife on an island, only to realize you arrived to the dock after the only boat left to take you to your hotel…ON THE ISLAND!
  • KNOW YOUR DESTINATION. Know where you are going and know what you plan to do when you get there. Nothing is worse than thinking you are going somewhere where all you want to do is lay on the beach, only to find out the beach is too rocky to use. Or plan a trip to sight see, only to get to your hotel and find out there is nothing to see.
  • ASK HER WHAT SHE WHATS. Understand before booking what you each expect out of this trip. Don’t wait to get there to see what you both want to do!