Tahiti, what should you pack? Our favorite traveler, Kristina Celik, shared her 13 must haves to put in your suitcase.

This time last year, I was enjoying the beauty of French Polynesia. Located in the southern Pacific Ocean about halfway between South America and Australia, French Polynesia is a mesmerizing wonderland of reef-fringed islands and translucent aqua lagoons. Better known by the name of its main island, Tahiti, this destination is epitome of the Pacific dream.

But before you pack your bags for French Polynesia, here are few things you MUST pack…..
Tahiti packin must haves

1. iPad & iPhone or Like Devices: The iPad is for reading, watching movies, etc. The iPhone is for taking pictures, listening to music and posting images of your trip to Facebook, so all your friends can be jealous!

2. Pair of Flats: I’m a huge fan of the Flat Out Of Heels brand. The shoes are light weight, compact, and easy to pack. Plus, having a pair of real shoes comes in handy when island hopping!

3. Frizz Control for Your Hair: The Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care product shown is a great product since you’ll be using twice as much product as normal to keep the frizz at bay. If you have curly hair, just plan on rocking those curls as the humidity is high in French Polynesia.

4. Under Water Camera: I wish I brought two. The fish are so incredible and there’s so much to see under the water, it’s an absolute must for any trip to the region!

5. Adapter(s): Check with your hotels to confirm if you’ll need an adapter ahead of time. For a small investment ahead of time, adapters will ensure you can charge your phone, iPad, curling iron, etc

Tahiti Must haves 2

6. Sunscreen! I tan very easily and still had to use sunscreen every few hours to keep from burning. If you think you’ll use 2 bottles of sunscreen during your trip, bring 3. Sunscreen on the islands retails for around $40!

7. Hat: Bring a hat. This is great not only for your hair plan B, but will protect your face from the intense sun while you’re out and about on the islands. And let’s be honest, when is representing Northern Arizona University ever a bad thing!

8. Water Shoes: Much of the ocean floor in Tahiti is covered in coral and therefore, you can’t walk barefoot into the water. So yes, they are dorky but for a small investment, these water shoes will ensure you have a great time!

9. Bug Spray: In any tropical climate, there will be bugs. Plan ahead bring your sprays, clips, etc to make your trip as comfortable as possible. (Plan ahead and bring this BENADRYL® Extra Strength Itch Relief Stick, just incase….)

10. After Sun Lotion: As I mentioned before, the sun is strong, so planning ahead will help make sure you’re comfortable no matter what comes your way!

Now what to wear? This is always an important question…what should I plan on wearing in French Polynesia?

I lived in three major items during my 8 day stay…

11. My Swimsuit. Make sure you bring atleast two suits to allow one to dry for a full day before having to wear again. The moisture in the air will make drying time much slower.

12. Coverup: It’s important to pack a coverup that really covers up. If you’re out exploring for the day, you wont have much cover, so knowing you can give your skin a break from the sun will be welcomed after a long day.

13. Maxi Dress: The islands I visited (Bora Bora…. Moorea…Tahiti….Tikehau) were all very casual. Go for light weight resort attire and you’ll be set. Also, leave the heels at home ladies….sand is everywhere so pack the flats and enjoy!

Source: Arizonaweddings.com